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Myga – Chip Bracelets

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

Myga – Chip Bracelets


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Create balance to relieve stress and stabilise your emotions.'

We have a beautiful collection of natural crystal chip bracelets, all of which hold different healing properties depending on the crystal.

Amethyst is also used to help with guiding people to releasing their emotions through grief.

Howlite can help to bring positive, happy thoughts to the wearer, and can allow you to start to understand yourself better (of wish for more confidence).

Red Jasper, known for being an extremely protective stone, which can help to gently stimulate, neutralising radiation and other forms of environmental pollution.

Rose Quartz known for its purifying love.

Snowflake Obsidion is know for deep inner healing.

Turquoise Balance your spiritual intuition while still staying in touch with reality.

All ourcrystal bracelets will be different shapes, due to the natural crystal formation, however on average they measure 9cm in length and will comfortably stretch to fit most wrists.


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