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Blasta Henriet – Eye Pillow – Hot/Cold

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

Blasta Henriet – Eye Pillow – Hot/Cold


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Unscented and weighted therapeutic Eye Pillow with a removable cover. Heat in the microwave and oven, or cool in the freezer.

The Eye Pillow is a versatile tool to soothe tired eyes, block out unwanted light, aid sleep and help deepen relaxation during yoga.

The Eye Pillow can be used as a warm compress to relieve dry eyes and across the body to ease migraines, cramping and pain.

Chilled it can reduce swelling, puffy eyes and cool you down on a hot day.

Can be used hot or cold. Oven and microwave safe. CE compliant.

The linen cover can be removed and washed separately.

Plain linen back.

Unscented. Can be scented with our Lavender Mist (sold separately) or pure essential oils.

Clear safety instructions and suggested areas of use on both packaging and care label.

Size: 23x12cm

Weight: 200g

Cover: 100% European Linen OEKO-TEX®

Inner Bag: Natural cotton, Cotswold Wheat

FSC® certified packaging made from recycled waste fibres, printed with vegetable ink

Made in the UK


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